Rebundling the News

What jobs does news do?

  1. Tell me what stuff I need to know about that’s happening in the world right now. And make it simple.
  2. Tell me more informatioin about a particular thing: the context, the background, the players, the likely outcomes. And make it detailed.

The temporal imperative: Tell me what matters right now!

De Standaard’s ePaper
  • Half of all readers prefer to read digital news in an edition format.
  • This finding holds true across all the countries we examined — with Germany standing out.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the even split holds true for younger readers
From Twipe’s Reinventing Digital Editions, Research Report, November 2018
  1. News lover: 4 or more visits per day, on average
  2. Daily briefer:1–3 visits per day, on average
  3. Casual user: Less than 1 visit per day, on average
  4. Infrequent user: Less than 4 visits per month

The thematic imperative: Help me understand more!

Knowledge Builder in action
Screengrab from Matt Locke’s presentation on Nordic Streaming Strategies, illustrating the attention pattern spectrum.

Can you do both jobs at the same time?

Same stories: different paths based on user needs




Digital Transformation + People + Business + Product Development & Design.

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Steve Dempsey

Steve Dempsey

Digital Transformation + People + Business + Product Development & Design.

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